Brad Sharun Architecture Practice Lead

Brad Sharun

Brads brings transnational experience. He is a large process specialist with multiple certifications

They say that experience makes all the difference. Brad has experience in spades. He is an Information Technology professional with over 35 years in systems design, integration and enterprise architecture. He has been a key part of the InSync team, managing our Architecture Practice from the Vancouver office for the past 6 years.

As a pioneer in planning, designing and implementing information systems and processes, Brad continues to lead the strategy and design for a very diverse portfolio of projects and initiatives. Brad’s work helps organizations in the oil and gas, banking and communications industries to streamline their planning, and craft more effective roadmaps, reducing the time taken to implement major initiatives. As a Practice Lead, he develops strategies for companies to reduce overhead, create strong technical organizations, and mentored many people across multi-team environments.

As one of the pillars of InSync, Brad is a go-to person and a great all-round resource on any project that he works on. His facilitation skills, communication style and technical expertise make his a standout performer, ready for your organization’s challenges.