Julie Kolisnyk Controller

Julie Kolisnyk

Attention to detail. Attention to quality. Attention to service. 24/7. Julie Kolisnyk has a focus and ‘eagle eye’ that InSync’s clients have come to trust.

After more than a decade of advisory positions in financial and accounting oversight, Julie decided to join InSync in 2005 to lead the financial team. Her success with the team meant that her responsibilities quickly expanded to include legal, risk management, contract mediation, and financial and operating metrics oversight. Now Julie focuses on implementing best practices that help drive record revenue growth.

You can rely on Julie’s experience with ERP and accounting software packages. From entry-level to mid-market to top-tier solutions, Julie can help deliver seamless integration with your accounting and procurements systems. Rest assured that Julie will build a trusted relationship between your procurement, legal and accounting departments, and help you move your organization to the next level.