Mike Griffiths VP Solutions

Mike Griffiths

Mike Griffiths is an award-winning project manager and Agile consultant that knows his stuff. Knows it so well in fact, that he’s published ground-breaking work with the PMI.

Mike’s distinguished contributions to both the PMI and the IEEE Computer Society are just some of the reasons why his expertise is so closely tied to success.

As part of InSync’s knowledge and support foundation, Mike brings his skill into the training and project management realm on our projects to guide and execute. He continues to engineer and deliver complex solutions using methodologies such as Agile, Kanban and Lean to transform business processes and create flexible solutions. His work has been so highly regarded, that in 2010, a project that he managed for Husky Energy won the PMI-SAC “Project of the Year” Award.

Mike’s contributions mean that your project is in great hands. Mike is exceptionally capable, and rounds out the equation with his training expertise, and his ability to recognize problems before they arise, getting you to the finish line faster.