Why Work with InSync?

Targeted Submissions

We do not believe in presenting you with opportunities that are not a good fit for you. We make sure that your qualifications and goals are well-aligned with the positions we offer you. As a result, our success rates are very high and everyone’s time is used effectively.

Long-term Relationships

We like to get to know you and maintain a mutually-beneficial long-term relationship. We want to understand your career aspirations and preferences so we can do a really great job of placing you in the right environment. And we work hard to find you a new contract when one is coming to an end.

Preferred Vendor

We have preferred vendor status with many clients, so some opportunities are available exclusively through InSync.

Reasonable Margins

You work hard for your money and we believe you deserve to keep as much of it as possible. Our percentage of the bill rate is low compared to industry standards.

Permanent and Contract

Since we recruit for both permanent and contract positions, we aren’t restricted to dealing with only incorporated consultants. We offer the flexibility for you to find the right job fit before deciding whether you would like to pursue a contract or a permanent position.