You don’t have to be incorporated to work through InSync, but if you are doing contract work then getting incorporated can have significant advantages. Your accountant can advise you on these matters.

Getting incorporated is quick and easy; you can even do it online.

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Alberta Government information on incorporation: Name searches/online registration: InSync consultants get a break on fees for incorporating! Ask us how!

Care must be taken to ensure that your business is not considered a Personal Services Business by the government of Canada. In general, because of the way we sell to our clients and the way they contract for our services, this is not a problem. However, in some cases additional measures must be taken to ensure that we do things properly. If you have any questions, give us a call and we will work with you.

Payroll Services

InSync Systems offers payroll services to contractors who want a cost-effective service to take care of sending invoices to their clients and payment to themselves. We offer:

  • A very competitive uplift
  • Marketing and placement services
  • Thirty-day payment service.

We beat staffing firms on payroll services and we beat system integrators on paying individual attention to what is important to YOUR career!

InSync Systems is a boutique systems integrator that works closely with small to large corporate clients to bring them IT solutions specific to their business needs, whether it is expert contract personnel, formal augmentation outsourcing or assisting in strengthening their own IT departments with the best people in the industry.

InSync Systems holds Preferred Vendor relationships with the clients that YOU want to work for! We also;

  • Offer career consulting services that keep you employed
  • Have Practice Areas that provide you with mentorship
  • Offer preferential treatment to our active consultants – YOU see the jobs first!
  • Provide a variety of delivery services to our clients that offer you a great Team environment to work in as well as excellent and interesting assignments!

Call us today to learn more!

Don’t choose the wrong vendor to handle your payroll requirements!

Call 403-313-8300 extension 103 and ask for Brennan Tilley right now!

Suggested Resume Format

All resumes that we present to clients are in our standard InSync format. This format provides the information – clearly and consistently - that our clients want to see.

We prefer that you provide your resume to us in this format, as it ensures that all the relevant information is there and allows us to present your resume sooner.

The InSync resume sections are as follows:

Profile: A paragraph or two giving a summary of you and your skills and experience. Here are a couple of examples:

A Lead Developer/Technical Architect with 10 years of experience in Microsoft software development technologies, including .NET, SQL Server, C++ and Visual Basic. Experienced in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, UML, and Agile methods. In a lead role, has defined and implemented development standards and best practices, and has provided coaching and mentoring to team members. and

A Senior Project Manager with over 20 years of experience delivering complex, technical solutions. Strong ERP implementation experience, including Peoplesoft and SAP. An advocate for methods and best practices, most recently created a new Project Management Office function for a corporate client. Possesses strong communication skills, both verbal and written, and a practical approach to getting the job done. Industry knowledge includes oil and gas, and utilities.

Work Experience: This is a chronological summary of your IT-related job experience and accomplishments, beginning with your most recent job and working backwards. If you worked on several projects for a client or company, and each one was significant, list them all. For each job, include:

The name of the client or company The time period worked (start and end date) Your job title A summary of your role and responsibilities, achievements and deliverables The methodologies and/or tools you used and the technical environment you worked in Education & Professional Development List all university or college degrees or diplomas, including the year graduated.

List relevant professional courses attended during your career.

Software, Tools and Environments: List these, preferably grouped logically: i.e. all languages together, all methodologies together, etc.