Practice Areas

InSync has a number of practice areas designed to upgrade and improve your capabilities through knowledge transfer, collaboration & mentoring.

Project Management

Project Management (PM) is our most mature and active practice area. Long-term InSync resources work with customers and other resources to ensure a better customer experience. Our senior resources are active with the Project Management Institute and have written articles, books, and papers on various project management related topics. These resources help screen and categorize new resources coming in and support our project managers in the field through coaching and training. We have multi industry international expertise and experience in all of the project and program management process areas including:

  • Project planning
  • Effort estimation
  • Effective scheduling
  • Project key performance indicators, both current and predictive
  • Risk management
  • Issue tracking and management
  • Change control (technical and organizational)
  • Various approaches including Agile, Waterfall, SMART, RUP and others

Business Analysis

Our second-largest practice area is Business Analysis and includes expertise in the following areas:

  • Industry-accepted methodologies for business process modelling as-is and to-be models, as well as gap analysis (SDL, RUP, Agile, etc.)
  • Gathering and communicating the business requirements which become the foundation of our methodologies
  • Support of and for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Risk analysis
  • Organizational change management

IT Architecture

At InSync we utilize skills and expertise developed and utilize in one discipline to benefit other disciplines – as with our Enterprise and Solution Architecture practice, where we utilize what we have learned through Agile development, to enhance our architecture practice as depicted below:

We can support AER through:

  • Strategic planning and business/IT alignment
  • Best practice modelling (ARIS, Togaf, Bachman) and others
  • Roadmap development
  • Evaluating alternatives and selecting the best solution to meet current requirements
  • Providing project oversight to ensure alignment with the architectural roadmap

Application Development

Our software development practice provides multi-industry expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Development lifecycle models, and when to apply them (Agile, SDLC, Waterfall, incremental, RUP, etc.)
  • Multi-development language expertise
    • .Net
    • Oracle
    • SQL Server
    • Visual Basic
    • ABAP
    • Java
    • C++
    • Visual Basic, etc.
  • Unit testing and integration methods and tools
  • Bug identification and resolution

Testing Q/A

Our Quality Assurance and Test practice focuses on ensuring that work products meet the customer's needs. It includes expertise in these areas:

  • Integration of our Quality Assurance and Testing with all other practice areas to ensure it is part of the process
  • Instituting quality checks and balances to ensure more products and services are fit for their purpose
  • Determining if products and services meet the requirements that they have been designed for and applying corrective actions as required
  • Employing testing strategies at multiple levels (unit testings, subsystem testing, system integration testing, user acceptance testing, etc.)