Our experienced resources share their knowledge and expertise through workshops, training courses, and individual coaching. Our training can help your internal IT team upgrade their skills to better support your operations.

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Current training courses offered:

PMI-ACP Exam Preparation Course -3 days

The new PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification is the PMI’s fastest growing certification and is set to become the gold standard for agile competence by employers. Train for the examination with this 3 day, accelerated learning exam preparation class taught by Mike Griffiths, one of the PMI-ACP Steering Committee members and designer for the examination. Get inside information on all of the PMI-ACP Domains, Knowledge & Skills areas, and Tools & Techniques needed to pass the exam.
Course Outline: PMI-ACP Exam Prep - Outline

Agile Project Leadership - 2 days

For anyone faced with managing an agile project who is dissatisfied with the training offerings from companies "jumping on the agile bandwagon". This practical two-day course provides no-nonsense agile leadership guidance gained from Mike’s 19 years of agile methods experience. By combining case-studies, instruction, and exercises, the key tools for effective agile leadership are covered in this fast-paced, informal class.
Course Outline: Agile Project Leadership - Outline

Agile Project Management Essentials - 1 Day

Need to hit the ground running on agile project management? This focused one day class covers all the basics from scope, planning, estimating, executing and tracking agile projects. Quickly gain an overview of the best practices for agile teams, workspace design, stakeholder engagement, collaboration tools and more.
Course Outline: Agile Project Management Essentials - Outline

Agile Project Estimation and Planning - half day

Learn the basics of estimating and planning agile projects on this hands-on, half-day course. Using exercises and examples the concepts for user story estimation, team velocity and iteration planning are covered. Learn about Story Points, Ideal Developer Days, Velocity, Planning Poker, and Wideband Delphi. Find out how to calculate optimal team sizes, iteration durations and take home a CD of tools and templates.
Course Outline: Agile Project Estimation and Planning - Outline

Agile Project Tracking and Reporting - half day

The iterative nature of agile projects introduces new challenges and opportunities for tracking and reporting agile projects. On the one hand are the scope-creep fears and lack of lifecycle understanding experienced by many project stakeholders, on the other hand we get many valuable early-trend and feedback metrics from using an agile approach. This course explains how to track and report on agile projects using powerful, easy to create reports and graphs.
Course Outline: Agile Project Tracking and Reporting - Outline

Agile Team Dynamics - half day

People are by far the most important factor in determining project outcomes. Attend this course to gain best practice skills for creating and sustaining high performing teams. Learn decision making and conflict resolution techniques especially designed for agile projects. Experience collaboration tools, retrospective techniques and guidance for workspace design. Understand team rewards and recognition, learn how to build problem-busting “juggernaut” teams.
Course Outline: Agile Team Dynamics - Outline

Introducing Agile Methods - Half Day

Save yourself the frustration and costs associated with opposition to change and failed agile adoptions. Instead, learn the successful approaches used by other companies adopting agile and the common pitfalls to avoid. This half day course exposes why many agile change initiatives fail and presents a proven roadmap for agile methods introduction. Created from the lessons learned during 19 years of agile roll-outs world wide and case studies from Forrester, Standish and Gartner this half day course has been described as "worth its weight in gold" by participants involved in agile introductions.
Course Outline: Introducing Agile Methods - Outline

Agile and Traditional Methods Integration - Half Day

Learn how Agile methods can integrate with your existing processes. Understand the “connects and disconnects” with standard PMO processes and discover how to gain the benefits of agile development without losing control.
Course Outline: Agile and Traditional Methods Integration - Outline