Agility Comes Standard – Our approach to both projects and to business is to be flexible and iterative.  We have the methodologies and the capabilities to seamlessly work with you, your teams, and your customers.  We aim to anticipate client needs and proactively find the right people and solutions. That’s why we go beyond just staff augmentation.  We actively invest in our practices and in our resources.

We start adding value with our Practice Leads – these are seasoned professionals in many fields of I.T. that act as mentors for junior resources and provide consistent standards for our consultants.  Our Practice Leads are what make us unique.  Every candidate we present has been interviewed by a practice lead to ensure they meet the highest standards. Our Practice Leads also ensure that our resources have access to the latest tools and methods, to stay on top of emerging knowledge in their fields.

But we go beyond this to establish metrics.  Our metrics team helps outline the level of performance we offer.  We use these metrics to continually refine our services and offer greater capability.  You can count on us to go beyond I.T. when you need it.