practice areas


Our Quality Assurance and Test practice ensures that work products meet the customer’s needs. It includes expertise in these areas:

  • Integration of our Quality Assurance and Testing methodologies with all other practice areas to ensure it is an integral part of the process
  • Finding defects in requirements, design, documentation, and planned deliverables as early as possible in the project timeline
  • Ensuring that test and evaluation is an integral part of the solution development process
  • Instituting quality checks and balances throughout the solution development lifecycle to ensure the deliverables meet the agreed requirements and are fit for their purpose
  • Determining if delivered products and services meet the requirements that they have been designed for and applying corrective actions as required
  • Employing testing strategies at multiple levels (unit testing, subsystem testing, system integration testing, user acceptance testing, etc.)
  • Using tests to verify that all project deliverables are complete, and to demonstrate and track true project progress. Avoiding delay in addressing problems by making test completion a requirement to be achieved before work product sign-off.
  • Using tests as early and as often as possible to provide solution team feedback and get problems found and fixed as they occur.