Digital Business Support

InSync specializes in providing your business with the Right Skills at the Right Time.

Supporting the Digital Business means Information Technology takes a leadership role in helping:

  • Run the business
  • Differentiate the business
  • Innovate the business

At InSync we understand your commitment to the business and work with you on any part of the process. We have The Right Skills to help with Digital Business.


Industry Expertise

InSync has expertise in a wide array of industries, including Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, and Non-Profit. We are flexible and agile, ready to meet your changing needs at any time.

Client Services

Adaptive Sourcing

Running an IT team in today's always-changing environment can be difficult. You need innovative experts to help guide your team into the future at a reasonable price. InSync provides provides both.


When you need some outside help, our management consultants are available to assist. We can help you build a roadmap to success. From developing Strategic Plans to helping you align your IT needs with your business needs, our consultants can lead your teams through the project and leave them with a solid execution plan


Do you know how effective your IT operations are? The value of your IT is not always obvious, so we help implement the measurement systems that show the effectiveness of your team and make sure they are available to key stakeholders.

Vendor Services

One of the unique services we offer you is a complete Vendor Relationship Management System. It helps you identify and manage all of your vendors to get you the most out of your contingent labour force.


Integrating the latest training into your team helps you to stay on the bleeding edge of current IT knowledge. In this fast-paced industry, change happens regularly so we are always developing training courses to share the expertise of our professionals with your team.


"ITM has been working with InSync as an IT contingent labour supplier for 5 years. Over the period of time we have found them to be responsive, easy to work with, and cost effective."

Grant Goss

Category Specialist Contract and Contingent Labour

"InSync grew from our newest and smallest supplier to one of our largest within an impressive timeframe."

Contract Labour Specialist

Contract Labour Specialist Major Oil and Gas Firm

Payroll Services

InSync offers payroll services to select customers. With this service, we complete the on-boarding services for Independent Contractors, including background and safety checks, reference checks and payroll services. This can drastically reduce the in-house load for contingent labour.

Preferred Vendor

InSync is a preferred vendor for a number of our clients. This relieves the client of much of the burden of vendor management, in a situation where InSync works with other vendors to bring a total solution to the client. Combined with payroll services, this supplies a great deal of value and simplifies the process for the client.