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telecom rationalization


Communications costs are rising and not well understood, so it’s hard to tell if you’re getting value across services such as landlines, cellular, conference calling, and more.  In addition, with changing billing cycles and pricing updates, it can be hard to reconcile telecom costs with accounting systems.

With InSync’s Telecom Rationalization Practice, we take the hassle out of communications, and typically reduce telecom costs by 30% or more.

  • We gather your telco billing information -usually through the billing portals your telco provides to you
  • It’s reviewed by our experts, who compare it to information from our global customer experience databases
  • The benchmark information, combined with our knowledge of the industry is used to make tailored recommendations
  • We work with you and your vendors to save you money, so you can invest it back into your business
  • You only pay when we realize savings for you, it’s that simple